Just Wait, Gujarat Verdict Will Be Zabardast, Says Rahul Gandhi


AHMEDABAD: Rahul Gandhi has promised a “zabardast” verdict when votes are counted next Monday in the Gujarat assembly elections. At a press conference in Ahmedabad that stood in for a canceled roadshow, Mr. Gandhi wrapped up an intense three-month-long campaign with a point-by-point rebuttal of the BJP’s many allegations against him including the rival party’s attacks over his frequent visits to temples.
“Am I not allowed to visit temples? I prayed for Gujarat’s well-being and golden future during my visits to temples,” Mr. Gandhi said, who held the presser after a visit to the Shri Jagannathji temple in Ahmedabad. He pointed out that his visits to temples are not confined to Gujarat and the state elections. The BJP has alleged that Mr. Gandhi is unaccustomed to visiting temples and that, his doing so in Gujarat is only designed to win Hindu votes in the state.
“If Rahul Gandhi loves temples so much… during UP elections, why didn’t he ever go to Ayodhya, Mathura for darshan (visit),” asked BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad this evening.

The BJP has questioned Rahul Gandhi’s numerous visits to temples just ahead of polls in Gujarat
Campaigning in the Gujarat election ends today and Mr. Gandhi asserted that his party is set to wrest the state from the BJP, which has been in power for the last 22 years. “The BJP has lost its position… After the first phase voting in the state, we are confident that we are going to form the government here,” said Mr. Gandhi, who will take over as Congress president on Saturday.
“There is a massive undercurrent… I am actually a little surprised. I had expected the BJP to fight with more strength,” Mr. Gandhi added, also saying, “Just wait, the Gujarat verdict will be zabardast (stunning).”
Mr. Gandhi again attacked PM Modi and the BJP over new national tax GST, calling it the Gabbar Singh Tax, and over jobs and what he called one-sided development in Gujarat in the last 22 years of BJP rule, alleging that “not everyone has been given their rights.”
He listed the Congress’ promises for Gujarat if it comes to power in the state, emphasizing that communities such as Patels, Dalits, and backward castes are “angry” with the BJP.
Rahul Gandhi has thanked the state for the welcome it extended him, saying the “people of Gujarat have given me a lot of love during the three months, which I will never forget. Wherever I went, I was offered moongfali, dhokla, thepla and I was surprised with their hospitality. Whenever you need me, all you have to do it just call.”
Gujarat voted in the first phase on Saturday last and will vote in the second and last phase on Thursday.


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