Kriti Sanon shares a powerful poem on domestic abuse, urges women to stand up for themselves


Kriti Sanon is quite a poet at heart, and keeps sharing her thoughts with us. Her latest one, however, is a major shift from her usual romantic poems. She took to Instagram to share with us a poem that was written by her when she was in 11th standard, after hearing how her domestic help was abused by her husband.

“It breaks my heart to read that the domestic violence cases have almost doubled up during the lockdown period! About 700 cases alone in Punjab! And these are just the ones Registered! Imagine how many are not reported!,” Kriti wrote.


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Her poem went like, “As the sun sets spreading blood all over the sky, my heart starts sinking once again, sweat goes down my neck strikes. Feet steady at the door, he’s gonna be late. Wait I can hear him come, the sound is not a stranger. I can hear the doorknob, I can smell the danger. The odour tells me he’s drunk again, full of frustration, ready to deliver some pain.” By the end of it, she emphasizes that a victim of abuse must put efforts to deal with such treatments.

In her post, Kriti also urged women to stand up against such crimes, and shared a helpline number where one could report a case of domestic abuse during the lock-down.