Hardik Patel-Congress Friendship Smacks of 'Fixing', Says Patidar Leader


Ahmedabad: Hardik Patel’s key associate and senior individual from Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) Dinesh Bambhania on Friday claimed that the portion tumult lead’s help to the Congress party likens to some sort of “settling” between them.
Bambhania said he couldn’t comprehend why Patel was supporting the Congress party, regardless of it not clearing up how it would offer reservation to the Patidar people group if voted to control.
“In the survey pronouncement, the Congress has not illuminated how it would allow us reservation under OBC share in the wake of coming to control in Gujarat. It demonstrates that Congress very needed to give us a reservation. However, Hardik Patel is helping arouses in’s out,” he told journalists here.
“In spite of the fact that there is no lucidity how we will get reservation under OBC amount, Hardik is mum about it. It appears like settling to me. Our quarrel was not over conveying a gathering to control. At any rate, I don’t wish to be a specialist of a gathering. Hardik ought not to politicize the unsettling,” he included.
“Hardik is playing under the control of Congress for the sake of the Patidar development. Hardik is utilizing the unsettling for political purposes and I am absolutely against it. I ask all the Patidars to utilize their intelligence when they go for voting tomorrow,” Bambina said.
Bambhania’s open disobedience to Patel came a day in front of the main period of surveying in Saurashtra and south Gujarat.
Remarking on Patel’s implied sex tapes, Bambhania showed that just a single CD can be transformed, not all.
“Hardik is viewed as a symbol. Patidars are having high expectations from him. One CD can be transformed, at the same time, when such a large number of CDs turned out, it sometimes falls short for a man who is the pioneer of a group. I am profoundly tormented by the whole scene,” he said.
Bambhania guaranteed he was still with PAAS and said he was not joining the BJP.
“Nor am I against Hardik, nor I am leaving PAAS. I am likewise not joining BJP. My lone conflict is that Hardik has neglected to weight the Congress to acknowledge our request as concurred before between both PAAS and Congress,” he included.


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