Full Result Of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Here

For the Gujarat Assembly election, counting day has been full of twists and turns, ups and downs, cheers and celebrations, and quite a few nail biting moments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP, which came to power in Gujarat for the sixth time, faced a tough battle against a renewed Congress under the leadership of newly elected party president Rahul Gandhi.
The BJP, whose chief Amit Shah, had set a target of 150 plus seats for the party in the 182-seat assembly, faced a greater challenge that they probably expected. Counting of votes began at 8 am this morning. Usually on election counting day, results are more or less known by midday, but today’s contest between the BJP and the Congress kept everyone guessing the margin of victory till late evening.
The Congress which is seen to gain nearly twenty seats compared to the 2012 assembly elections secured 77 seats. The BJP, though seen to be getting a majority mandate, has been reduced to double digits and finished with 99 seats, down sixteen.
Campaigns in Gujarat, both by the BJP and the Congress, were high-pitched and bitterly-fought.
The BJP has been ruling in Gujarat for the last two decades and today’s win is being seen as a significant one ahead of the 2019 general elections. The BJP also won in Himachal Pradesh. For the latest updates on the Himachal Pradesh election results, please click here.

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