Best Smartphones of 2017: The Best Mobiles Money Can Buy

Best Smartphones of 2017

Best Smartphones of 2017 :


  • Every one of the telephones on the rundown was discharged in 2017
  • Obviously, the rundown is overwhelmed by leaders of set up brands
  • Each telephone on the rundown is the best entertainer – so all are great picks

Best Smartphones of 2017, Despite the fact that the spending section is the most dynamic piece of the Indian cell phone advertising, a great many people still give careful consideration to the top of the line leads. These telephones won’t offer to such an extent, but rather they’re a gander at the future for whatever remains of us and bring the bleeding edge of highlights and execution.
Brands like Apple and Samsung keep on dominating in this section; newcomers have been showing signs of improvement and better even as their costs continue rising, however the highest point of the market remains and old-young men club for the time being. That could change by one year from now, however, as we’re seeing brands like Xiaomi, Honor, and OnePlus all discharge extremely fascinating gadgets, as you’ll find in our good says toward the finish of this piece.
Best Smartphones of 2017: To gather this rundown, we’ve limited ourselves to telephones that discharged in 2017 and afterward chose the absolute best handsets accessible. Aside from the ones on our rundown, there are a couple of noteworthy notices that are excluded in the fundamental mean an assortment of reasons; one of them being that we have (as usual) limited the rundown to telephones on which we’ve run our standard suite of tests, to guarantee that all audits and correlations are reasonable and intensive.
Best Smartphones of 2017: On account of that, here are the absolute best telephones or the year, regardless of the spending plan, introduced in no specific request.
Best Mobiles of 2017 – Motion Today Rating

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 9/10
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus 9/10
HTC U11 9/10
Nokia 8 9/10
LG G6 9/10
Google Pixel 2 8/10
iPhone X 9/10

Best Smartphones of 2017

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Best Smartphones of 2017: Samsung’s present leadership, the Galaxy Note 8 (Review) is a powerhouse with no genuine inadequacies. It brags of extraordinary execution and a class-driving bent show. The S-Pen stylus is a valuable extra that works for taking notes and additionally outlining and exploring the Android UI. The double cameras are a first for Samsung and are an enjoyment to utilize, conveying a portion of the most noteworthy quality photographs and recordings we’ve ever observed.
Best Smartphones 2017
The Note 8 is estimated well and separated from somewhat frustrating battery life, it will interest any individual who likes having a telephone they can flaunt. If its all the same to you need a little telephone and losing a couple of highlights, the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Review) looks similarly as great and inspired us completely when it was first propelled.
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2. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
Best Smartphones of 2017: The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus both are excellent phones, though they look a little dated at this point. Performance is amazing, and so are the cameras.

Best Smartphones of 2017
There’s also the fact that Apple does a better job of delivering software updates than anyone else in the market. You get niceties like wireless charging, a feature that makes an appearance in the Apple camp for the first time, though Android devices have enjoyed it for many years.
Although these two models might feel the iPhone X’s poor cousins, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are extremely competent phones in their own rights, and you shouldn’t be afraid to buy either of them – we just wish Apple had thrown a fast charger in the box.
3. HTC U11
Best Smartphones of 2017: One of the best all-rounders at the top end of the market, the HTC U11 will not let you down on any count. It’s a really good looking phone with a (still relatively unusual) “squeeze” feature, and the camera performance is top notch, especially in low light.
Best Smartphones of 2017
The discrete subwoofer and 5.5-inch 1440×2560 screen are excellent for gaming and movies, and there’s more than enough power under the hood for even the most demanding activities.

4. Nokia 8
Best Smartphones of 2017: A (relatively) cheap phone that delivers outstanding performance, the Nokia 8 also has a very good display, excellent battery life, and good cameras. Nokia’s first high-end phone since the brand’s return also has a very good screen and excellent battery life.
Best Smartphones of 2017
The cameras were developed with Carl Zeiss AG, the company behind many of Nokia’s iconic phone cameras over the years. Running stock Android, it comes with the promise of timely software updates. The “bothie” feature is a total gimmick, but the dual cameras do well enough in the right conditions.
5. LG G6
Best Smartphones of 2017: The LG G6 was phone when it launched at the beginning of 2017, even though it used an older processor. It has an excellent screen and solid battery life. Its secondary camera was useful, and moving away from the LG G5’s modular design has led to significant improvement in build quality.
Best Smartphones of 2017
It was the first phone to launch with an 18:9 screen, and supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats. It also has a Quad DAC audio enhancement system, although interestingly, this varies by region. LG improved on its design credibility dramatically with the LG V30+ which was released later in the year, but its sub-par screen prevented it from displacing the G6 on our list.
6. Google Pixel 2
Best Smartphones of 2017: With recent sales dropping the price of the Pixel 2 significantly, the phone’s value-for-money quotient has gone up a lot. Add to that one of the best cameras in the market, useful tweaks over stock Android, the promise of Google’s AI innovations, and the Pixel 2 starts to look like a real contender.
Best Smartphones of 2017
Best Smartphones of 2017
It loses out in terms of design, but software features and performance are fully up to the mark as well, and you’re going to get support and updates for longer than typical on Android. The larger Pixel 2 XL looks more modern and has the same feature set, but its screen suffers from serious issues that knocked its overall score down considerably. Both Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 also seem to suffer from the same reliability problems as its predecessors.
7. iPhone X
Best Smartphones of 2017: We saved the – well, at least the most expensive – for last. The iPhone X packs all the goodness of the iPhone 8 Plus in a body that’s much easier to handle thanks to the (nearly) all-screen front. The AMOLED display – first on an iPhone – is perhaps the best we’ve seen on a smartphone, and Face ID works seamlessly for the most part. Camera performance is great, though the Pixel 2 manages to edge out the iPhone X in some scenarios.
Best Smartphones of 2017
Apple’s clever implementation of gestures means you won’t really miss the Home button, though triggering some gestures like the Control Centre can be a major pain. All in all, there’s a lot to love with the iPhone X. The only argument against it is that no one really needs to spend nearly one lakh on a phone, and most people could be just as happy with an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus instead.

These are our picks for the very best phones of 2017, but there are actually a few more that deserve your attention. The Honor 8 Pro, OnePlus 5T, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2  are excellent phones in the mid-budget range. The Honor 8 Pro is a solid all-rounder; the other two fall a little short on their cameras – however, the ones that made it to the list are a cut above. That gap has been steadily narrowing over the years though, and choosing one of these is honestly a fairly good option too.