Tremors In Delhi As 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Uttarakhand



  • Epicenter in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag region, profundity 30 km
  • Solid tremors felt in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad
  • There have been no reports of any harm up until now

Solid tremors were felt in Delhi and the National Capital Region tonight for a couple of moments after a 5.5 greatness quake struck Uttarakhand. The epicenter of the direct power seismic tremor was accounted for 121 km east of Dehradun, in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag locale.
The seismic tremor struck at 8:49 pm, at a profundity of 30 kilometers, as per the Indian Meteorological Department.
“The epicenter is in Uttarakhand, the tremors felt in Delhi and NCR are the driving forces,” an authority at Center for Seismology, India Meteorological Department (IMD), told news organization IANS.
This is the second seismic tremor in Uttarakhand in the previous 24 hours. On Tuesday, a 3.3 greatness seismic tremor was accounted for in the state. The slope express, a piece of the Himalayan area, falls under a high seismic zone.
Tremors today were likewise felt in Roorkee and Dehradun in Uttarakhand and parts of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. In Dehradun, many individuals ventured out of their structures after the tremors, announced news organization ANI.
There have been no reports of any harm up until this point.
Many individuals from Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad took to Twitter soon after they felt the seismic tremor tremors.
“I felt this #earthquake in #Delhi. It was ceaselessly shaking for at some point,” tweeted a Twitter client Barny.


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