Sagar Savaliya and Chirag Patel become a trusted and well known journalist in digital world


    Digital news portals square measure creating their means through and “Gujarat Khabar” by Sagar Savaliya and Chirag Patel has sure created a mark by delivering quality news and creating an effort to get rid of faux news current on social media platforms.

    GUJARAT KHABAR was commenced back in 2018 and has received Brobdingnagian attention from the viewers for its delivery of quality content and in an exceedingly distinctive approach by its journalists Sagar Savaliya and Chirag Patel.

    Gujarat Khabar was initiated with AN intention to scale back the faux news current on social media because it negatively wedged viewers and to provide the reality via their digital news portal Gujarat Khabar.

    The main objective of Gujarat Khabar is to deliver news that makes an impact on society instead of delivering content that doesn’t add price to the viewers. 3 years down the road, Gujarat Khabar is currently one of the foremost well-known and trusty digital Gujarati news portals with over 2.50 followers and a humongous 4 million viewers on monthly basis.

    Digital on-line portal Gujarat Khabar has won the number of viewers that it did by the approach of delivering truth and creating consistent efforts to scale back pretend news. Gujarat Khabar has taken varied steps for constant and is presently operating to develop varied alternative portals that may deliver content across varied genres to its audience.

    Sagar Savaliya and Chirag Patel generate revenue of thirty thousand dollars and have set an example of mistreatment social media platforms in a very vigorous thanks to unfolding positive news and build the audience aware of pretend news. they have currently become fashionable on social media platforms for delivering news with Honesty and integrity and taking a step to culminate positivism around journalism.