Elon Musk: What Makes Elon Musk So Rich?

What Makes Musk Rich

The Richest Person On Earth Has A Net Worth Of 23240 Billion According To Forbes

Not Always A No1 Musk Was Not Always The Richest Person On The Planet

When His Net Worth Was Put At Around 340 Billion It Was The Peak Of His Wealth

I Own 20 Of A Company That Became Very Valuable Musk Said While Revealing The Secret Behind His Wealth

The Company That Musk Talked About Is The Same Company That Has Seen Its Stock Price Grow Over The Past Five Years

The Revenue Of The Company Shot Up From 12 Billion In 2017 To 54 Billion In 2021

Spacex Was Founded In 2002 After Musk Sold His Startup To Ebay

Spacex Helps Musk With His Wealth Because Of His Stake In The Company