Shivam Singh Rajput is a famous model & social media influencer


He started his professional journey by making vine videos on YouTube back in 2017 then. After getting initial fame on YouTube, he started making funny content on tik tok, too. Where his funny videos went viral instantaneously & he gained over night popularity among youth with over 6.5 million followers.

Even after tik tok ban in India & he didn’t give it up in despair. Instead he started working more tremendously to achieve even greater heights on other social platforms. With vision in his eyes, he decided to try his hands on roasting on YouTube & started making funny content on instagram as well. His catchphrases Oh Attitude, Chilgusi & Rhetlisi are quite popular among youth.

As of today he has love of more than 700k subscribers on YouTube & more than 900k followers on instagram. He also stays quite active on Moj & has recently started gaming too on his second YouTube channel. He believes in originality & never do copy of others hard work.


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